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12 monthly payments

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1. I am committed to paying the full cost of $8,935.50 CAD (this includes the 15% interest for the extended payment plan) with the monthly payments of $744.63 CAD/month.

2. I am committed to showing up for the 16, 2 hour calls for the 6 months.

3. I am committed to using Voxer to communicate my needs in between sessions. 

4. I understand that my growth and progress within this certification depends on my dedication to this type of healing, the integration practices and holding myself accountable. 

5. I understand that to receive the certification and complete the pathway of Holistic Heart that I am required to complete the practice sessions with clients. 

Holistic Heart Tarot Healing Method & Certification Pathway

Hi, I’m Hannah

Your Tarot Teacher & Mentor...

I am a Spiritual Leader here to share my divine magic with the world. My divine magic includes a myriad of modalities but the one that has been closest to my heart for the last 15+ years is the Tarot. Tarot has become a trusted friend that I can call upon for any type of healing, expansion, reclamation, truth and power in my life. I have turned to the Tarot for matters of career, love, finances, family, health, business, you name it, I have worked with the Tarot to support me in deeper understanding and awareness. 

My love for this divination tool began at a young age when I was introduced to it through different family members. I began to cultivate my tarot practice at 13 years old, around the same time I started practising spells and doing seances in the graveyard near my house. It became a healing ally for me from a young age but my own path and method with tarot began when I fell back in love with it after I stopped drinking alcohol and healed my addiction. 

Since the beginning of 2019, I have cultivated Holistic Heart Tarot, my very own Tarot Healing Method that is a cumulation of my lived experience with the tarot, what I have learned from other tarot teachers and channelled wisdom from the Akasha and my own Akashic Records. 

Holistic Heart Tarot is not something to be used but to be embodied.

Holistic Heart Tarot recognizes that we are both light and dark, shadow and sparkle, that we possess both divine feminine and divine masculine qualities, that every organ has an emotional correspondence, and that we are influenced by nature and her elements, as well as the cosmos. It is a method that supports you in embodying the messages of the cards so you can heal in real-time. This tarot healing method isn’t just about learning how to read and interpret the tarot, it is a certification pathway that will rapidly transform your connection to your intuition and trusting your divine gifts. 

YOU are the pathway. Your Heart is the pathway. And I am your guide & teacher. 

So Divine Being, I ask, are you ready to awaken to your Holistic Heart and initiate others further into their sacred soul path through the Holistic Heart Tarot Healing Method?