Sacred Heart Group Healing Program

Saturday, February 18 - Saturday, March 25, 2022 

from 9-11am PST / 12-2pm EST 









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Sacred Heart Group Healing Program

Saturday, September 24 — Saturday, October 29, 2022

9–11am PST / 12–2pm EST









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Sacred Heart is your support system in: 

Healing Your Heart from a Somatic Lens

Releasing Ancestral Grief 

Integrating Your Shadows for Soul Liberation

Connecting with and Tending to Your Inner-Child

Understanding how to Heal Your Heart Chakra

Understanding how to use Ayurveda & Yogic Philosophy for Heart Healing

Learning how to Lean into Living from a place of Heart Expansion

And continuing to live from a place of Honouring your Sacred Heart so you can THRIVE along your Healing Journey

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"Hannah is a true healer! Her energy is light and easy going, but she won’t hesitate to hold her clients accountable as she supports them on their healing journeys. With her guidance and encouragement through the Sacred Heart Healing Program, I was able to take some major steps forward in healing some of my deepest wounds. Hannah inspired me to continually practice heart expansion & self-love which is helping me to live a happier life."

- Erica T., Lawyer & Mediation Specialist

I’m ready!
I’m ready!
"The Sacred Heart program was exactly what I needed and happened in the most divine timing of when my heart was feeling extra vulnerable throughout changes in my life and the overwhelm of how to manage it all was starting to kick in. Even if I couldn’t attend a live call, when watching the replays I never once felt that I had to catch up or missed out on the wisdom, compassion, and spiritual connection not only to myself - but to all that were physically present! I’m much more aware and gentle and curious about my shadow parts and hold space for myself in all stages more than before beginning the program, and have such a deeper understanding and appreciation for the integration of my ancestral wounds. I’m also quite a fan of chanting now (which I used to feel so disconnected to!) The program was truly a magical experience and I’m so grateful for all of the lessons and resources I carry on with me each and every day." 
- Shelbey T., Intuitive EFT Guide

Your Sacred Heart Investment

Saturday, February 18 - Saturday, March 25, 9-11am PST / 12-2pm EST

Support between sessions:
  • Sacred Heart Voxer Group Chat
  • Kajabi account with 30+ resources 
  • Meditations, Yoga Classes, Tarot Spreads & more
Bonus Workshops:
  • Group Reiki Heart Healing 
  • Sacred Pleasure Workshop

Program Total: $888.00 CAD

Payment Options:
  • Pay in full = $888.00 (Pay in full and receive a complimentary Akashic Healing Session)
  • 2 payments = $444.00 
  • 3 payments = $296.00
  • Custom payment plans available upon request
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Sacred Heart is a multifaceted 6 week intensive that blends esoteric teachings - based in Hinduism - psychology, somatic healing, traditional teachings of Ayurveda & Tantra and divination practices. These philosophies allows this healing program to be educational, integrational and MAGICAL. 


Each week focuses on a different theme that builds off the other so we can create a foundation that supports this type of deep, cellular healing. The weekly calls mix teachings, integration exercises and sacred sharing circles so you can feel confident in the embodiment practices that are assigned. 


Hannah has an incredible ability to hold space for people as they grow and expand. Allowing everyone who is in the container to feel safe to show up as they are. Hannah knows firsthand how powerful this type of heart healing is and she cannot wait to be your guide!

Sacred Heart Weekly Schedule


Week 1: Somatics of Your Heart

Somatic Healing & Your Heart

Central Nervous System Healing & Regulation 

Exercises to Tone the Vagus Nerve

Goddess of the Week: Kali 


Week 2: The History of Your Heart

The Importance of Ancestral Healing

Understanding Epigenetic's & Ancestral Grief 

Ancestral Tea Meditation 

Goddess of the Week: Durga


Week 3: Shadows of Your Heart

Shadow Work Healing for Soul Liberation

Inner-Child Connection & Healing

Inner Child Connection Meditation & Exercise

Goddess of the Week: Chinnamasta

Week 4: Forgive to Bloom

Heart Chakra Healing 

Lotus Mudra Exercise 

Anchoring Into Peace through Mindful Movement

Metta Meditation for Loving Kindness

Goddess of the Week: Saraswati


Week 5: Heart Expansion

Basics of Ayurveda 

The Importance of Balancing Our Yin & Yang Energies

Benefits of Pranayama

Lakshmi Abundance Cleansing Ritual 

Goddess of the Week: Lakshmi


Week 6: Honouring Your Sacred Heart

Honouring All Aspects of Your Heart Healing Journey

Choosing Faith over Fear

Group Akashic Healing Experience

Goddess of the Week: Parvati

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"I truly feel like it was meant to be a few things feel into place for me after the 6 weeks were up (job wise, happiness wise and within my heart) and it just felt like being in sacred heart and being vulnerable lead to that. I don’t know it was a crazy beginning of my year and to the place I am now I honestly am crying. I didn’t know I needed it as much as I did!!! Hannah is a magical amazing beautiful human and I am grateful for her, for holding space for us and working through whatever we each had to work through during the 6 weeks and after! If anyone is hesitant about signing up for sacred heart, don’t hesitate JUST DO IT. You will not regret it!" 

- Fadiya S., Photographer