Akashic Record Healing


A Sanctuary for Your Soul

I'm ready for my soul ascension!
Hi, I'm Hannah and I am an Akashic Record Guide & Healer.


Past lives come up in almost every Akashic Healing sessions I've done, and I've read for over 100 people in less then 2 years. We carry so much karma with us from our past lives or as I refer to them, our past life karmic impediments.

Through working in your own Akashic Records, we can clear blocks that exist at a soul level due to negative choices the soul has made over its incarnations. Blocks can show up as beliefs, contracts, curses, pacts, vows and unjustified negative karma. These blocks are your karma that want to be manifested into your dharma.

Something that I have been reflecting on lately is that my karma is my dharma. And that giving myself permission to work through lower vibration emotions, is what allows me to be in the higher vibration emotions at a frequency that is in alignment with my desires. In order to be an energetic match to our desires, we cannot bypass any of our emotions. In order to be in the frequency of joy, love and pleasure, we must sit with the frustration, overwhelm and pain.

This is the type of healing that you can do with me in the Akashic Records through clearing blocks.


Here are the top 3 that I see with my clients...

1. Beliefs - these are beliefs that we've carried down our ancestral lineages through either our maternal or paternal lineages, or both. They affect us on a soul level and we tend to adopt these beliefs as our own. Which creates an energy of stagnation on our soul path because these beliefs don't align with us at a soul level.

2. Contracts - healing or protection contracts show up on a soul level with another person in our present life. Is there someone in your life who you feel intrinsically connected to? You might have a soul contract with them. These contracts either help us grow into our next level of soul ascension or they keep us stuck in repeating patterns that cause more distress than ease.

3. Curses - this is when intense anger energy is directed at you and you take on the guilt even though it was never your fault. Curses block us from living in our fullest expression because the energy of shame is so strong that it keeps us scared, stuck and in survival mode.

I want to clear these blocks!
"Hannah is an incredibly gifted open channel and Akashic Record Healer. Working with her was heart-opening and transformative. Her messages were clear and concise and delivered with the highest vibration of love. Hannah identified the Goddesses and Ascended Masters that are working with me in the Spirit realm. I was extremely intrigued by her findings in my Akashic Records. She also spent time clearing negative blocks and patterns that were repeated over many lifetimes, and recommended techniques to support my healing journey. I immediately felt lighter and at ease before the end of the session. I thoroughly enjoyed this reading, and highly recommend you book a session with her!"
- Krista, Reiki Master & Intuitive Guide

Do you feel as if you are carrying these blocks on a soul level? Do you feel as if you have past life karmic impediments affecting you in your present day life? Because you’re not alone. I have seen this with my clients time and time again. And that is why I LOVE working in the Akasha & Akashic Records because we can CLEAR your past life karma on a soul level so it NO longer affects your magic.

Being that the Akasha is a high vibrational space that is filled with only the purest love, light, wisdom and radiance, it allows for a transformative experience like no other, which is why I feel it activates soulful healing at such a deep level.

This is a space that holds all of our souls’ timelines - allowing us to access past lives, ancestral understandings, and communicate with the divine through the expansive energy. It is a place of self-empowerment, deep understanding, and safety.

Even though it is 5th dimensional, we are able to experience the energetic frequency of its magic in the 3D world. The Akasha awakens our intuition and inner knowing that we are the oracle.

I'm ready to heal on a soul level!
"Whatever you’re doing right now, stop and go book a session with Hannah. This was my first ever Akashic Record Healing session with her and I’m already looking forward to the next one. Within minutes Hannah had me bawling my eyes out in the best way possible, connecting me to loved ones who have past, giving me clarity on my business and life, and allowing me to remember how divinely supported I am. This session brought so much comfort, confirmation, clarity and empowerment. I got to know myself on a deeper level. Hannah is beyond gifted and made me feel so safe and loved. I can’t recommend Hannah enough! She is one powerful channeller and healer. She helped me reconnect and strengthen my spirituality in such a magical way. Book a session, you won’t regret it!"
- Rachel, Therapist & Trauma Healer
 What you can gain from an Akashic Record Healing session: 


The ability to connect with yourself on a soul level 

Receiving guidance from your Higher Self

Healing your ancestral lineages 

A more concrete understanding of your soul’s purpose 

Invoking Goddess Energy in your cellular DNA

Connecting with the Spirit Realm & Your Spirit Team

Releasing old beliefs and ways of being 

Integrating your shadows for soul liberation 

Releasing emotional pain from the physical body 

Anchoring in to and embodying your divine essence 

The ability to forgive yourself and others who have caused you pain 

Releasing stuck energy from the body 

Healing childhood wounds and learning how to tend to your inner-child

Engaging in a pleasure filled life

Deepening your trust in your intuition 

Awakening your divine psychic abilities 

Expanding into quantum level healing   

Connecting with your past lives and healing blocks from past lives 

Healing the witch wound, mother wound, sisterhood wound 

Healing your relationship with money 

Releasing trauma - from this life and past

Feeling deeply connected to your emotions and not bypassing them

Iā€™m ready!
"I'm completely blown away by Hannah's Akashic Record Healing session. It was the most powerful session I've ever had. I got so much clarity from things that were weighing heavy about my health and next steps along with reasons why I am so drawn to areas of my business I am building. Hannah is so loving, so talented and an incredible channel to receive really powerful messages from my loved ones, guides and masters. I feel so much better and clearer on my next steps in my business and my health. I would highly recommend a reading with Hannah to ask questions that will help you move forward, get unstuck and receive the messages loud and clear. She's amazing, the reading was amazing and I am so grateful for her and the messages I so needed to hear. Thank You Hannah! I can't wait to book more sessions with you."
- Jo, Creative Healing Guide & CEO of LoveSelf Wellness
 Our bodies are physical manifestations of our souls!


Giving us all the gifts of being our own Mystics, Gurus and Sages. This is something I activate within all of my clients, allowing them and YOU to become your own Mystic, tuning into your innate Divine Powers and allowing them to help you heal in your everyday life.

I am here to be a role model for others and share my wisdom through my lived experience. I am meant to lead others into independence, as a visionary, I help others navigate the unknown, helping them see their own magic. Activating their inner divinity and allowing them to flourish on their dharmic paths.


I share this because it rings true to the work that I do. One of my clients shared with me her beautiful words on working together, “I realized while working with Hannah I wasn’t living my truth and actually had the realization that I wanted to open my own business and step into my power. I couldn’t of done it without her. I am the happiest I have ever been.”

And she did this through Akashic Record Healing Sessions with me. 


What makes me special as an Akashic Record Guide & Healer is the fact that I work at the level of the body, teaching you had to regulate your nervous system so you can DESCEND into the next level of your soul ascension. I guide you in a way that allows you to feel safe within your body, have healthy emotional wellness and trust your intuition going forward. 

I'm ready to invest in the magic!
“I experienced my first ever Akashic Record Healing session from Hannah and it exceeded all my expectations! The entire session I felt safe, grounded and yet expanded! My great grandmother who passed came through as well as my spirit guides. This session helped clarify a lot of what I was going through in my life and I couldn’t help but cry. Hannah held such a beautiful space for me to receive. She is incredibly gifted and passionate in what she does and her work is so deeply healing. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to dive into their Akashic Records!”
- Malia, Ayurvedic Womb Practitioner
Hi, I'm Hannah 

I am an Akashic Guide & Healer, Published Author and Mystical Witch who is here to help shift the vibration of the planet with my soul gifts.


I recognize that we all have healing to do as I have been on a deep spiritual healing journey since I got sober on January 1, 2019. I am able to connect to the Divine energies all around us, as well as within myself and others through many different divination practices but also through channeling.


I have a child-like spirit and an old soul, which allows me to see through a variety of lenses! This benefits me and my clients because I have a vast perspective of how our healing journeys can and will unfold.

I completed my Advanced Akashic Certification through the Akashic Women's School with Tara Preston.