Holistic Heart Tarot Healing Certification & Group Mentorship  


An initiation to becoming the Divine Tarot Reader you were born to be. 

~ 6 month certification pathway ~

Wednesday, July 3 - Wednesday, December 18, 2024

from 4:00-6:00pm PST / 7:00-9:00pm EST









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Hi, I’m Hannah

Your Tarot Teacher & Mentor


I am a Spiritual Leader here to share my divine magic with the world. My divine magic includes a myriad of modalities but the one that has been closest to my heart for the last 15+ years is the Tarot. Tarot has become a trusted friend that I can call upon for any type of healing, expansion, reclamation, truth and power in my life. I have turned to the Tarot for matters of career, love, finances, family, health, business, you name it, I have worked with the Tarot to support me in deeper understanding and awareness. 


My love for this divination tool began at a young age when I was introduced to it through different family members. I began to cultivate my tarot practice at 13 years old, around the same time I started practising spells and doing seances in the graveyard near my house. It became a healing ally for me from a young age but my own path and method with tarot began when I fell back in love with it after I stopped drinking alcohol and healed my addiction. 


Since the beginning of 2019, I have cultivated Holistic Heart Tarot, my very own Tarot Healing Method that is a cumulation of my lived experience with the tarot, what I have learned from other tarot teachers and channelled wisdom from the Akasha and my own Akashic Records. 


Holistic Heart Tarot is not something to be used but to be embodied.

YOU are the pathway.

Your Heart is the pathway. 


And I am your guide & teacher.


So Divine Being, I ask, are you ready to awaken to your Holistic Heart and initiate others further into their sacred soul path through the Holistic Heart Tarot Healing Method?

  Holistic Heart Tarot is not your average way of working with the Tarot. It is a holistic approach that is guided by the heart and your own intuitive magic. I have created this method as a framework to support other Spiritual Teachers & Leaders in this deeply healing work. To allow YOU to feel fully empowered by your own divine magic AND by the magic of the Tarot. So you can support your clients in healing their bodies, minds and souls through the guidance of the cards and your ability to be a divine conduit. 
The Tarot is an ancient healing tool that has been used for millennia. Holistic Heart Tarot is a blend of traditional symbolism that is depicted in the Rider-Waite Tarot and a holistic approach to working with the cards. We allow each reading, and each card, to support us in assessing and healing us in every capacity - emotional, mental, physical & spiritual. 
Holistic Heart Tarot recognizes that we are both light and dark, shadow and sparkle, that we possess both divine feminine and divine masculine qualities, that every organ has an emotional correspondence, and that we are influenced by nature and her elements, as well as the cosmos. It is a method that supports you in embodying the messages of the cards so you can heal in real-time. This tarot healing method isn’t just about learning how to read and interpret the tarot, it is a certification pathway that will rapidly transform your connection to your intuition and trusting your divine gifts. 


I'm in!
I created the Holistic Heart Tarot Healing Method as an inspiration from my own Heart Healing journey and as an ode to my ancestors. 
This is the sacred heart energy I have woven into this certification pathway to support you in… 


ūüí쬆Living with a buoyant & flexible central nervous system, from a heart based lens. The heart contains its own independent nervous system, comprising more than 40,000 neurons! We're tapping into this infinite power & potential through embodying the teachings of Holistic Heart Tarot.¬†

ūüí쬆Embodying emotional intelligence. Our heart provides us intuitive and emotional guidance to support the evolution of our entire lives. This is the foundational energy of the Holistic Heart Tarot Healing Method.¬†¬†

ūüí쬆Feeling safe to FEEL and BE with your anger, fear and shame, so you can fully feel and be with your joy, pleasure and love. We tap into ALL of our emotions and feelings through Holistic Heart so that we can truly access higher vibrational states of being, through the heart. It is known that higher vibrational or positive emotions are known to regulate the heartbeat.

ūüí쬆Living a more aligned life to your personal health journey. Healing your CNS and learning to live from your heart through Holistic Heart, will support your immune system and cognitive function.

ūüíě Shifting your entire energetic vibration and allowing your energy to positively change an environment. Allowing your heart's electromagnetic field to be at its most powerful, allowing your energy to radiate several feet outside of your physical body. This is the magic that is reflected naturally through your entire essence with the support of the Holistic Heart Tarot Healing Method.¬†


Through this 6 month certification and group mentorship, you will birth yourself into a new version of you. Someone who is fully living from the seat of their soul, able to manifest with ease, create freely, receive abundance and be connected to the infinite power of divine source. 


I'm ready!
Are you ready to...
ūüíĖ¬†Build a flourishing freedom based life and/or business rooted in new paradigm prosperity principles while in the flow of your divine naturalness


ūüíĖ¬†Allow your heart to be your guiding force, to be the leader as your heart knows the way


ūüíĖ¬†Feel held, nurtured and supported as you take the next steps on your Tarot evolution
ūüíĖ¬†Flow with your inner cycles and seasons so that you can create a life full of ease and prosperity
ūüíĖ¬†Deepen into embodiment rituals and pleasure practices so you can root to rise
ūüíĖ¬†Step up fully as a New Earth Leader and lead the way with the Holistic Heart Tarot Healing Method
ūüíĖ¬†Be an energetic match for your sacred spiritual business, attracting like a Rose with the wisdom of your holistic heart
ūüíĖ¬†Create a signature soul offer that incorporates the Holistic Heart Tarot Healing method so you can offer your divine gifts to the world and be rewarded with financial wealth¬†
ūüíĖ¬†Navigate taking up space in the world with your essence, voice, medicine, magic, gifts, expression, energy and sacred work with ease AKA not getting stuck in old patterns and relationship dynamics
ūüíĖ¬†Be fully reborn from the sacred pathways of your energetic womb space in the Akasha and your Akashic Records
ūüíĖ¬†Accelerate your life and business with the support of the Akasha and your Akashic Records

This is YOUR time…

To transmute your pain into power, your wounds into wisdom, and your gifts into gold? 
This is YOUR time to elegantly rise from the ashes of your past, into the sovereign sacred, heart centred, soul led New Earth Leader you were born to be. 
This is YOUR time to write a personal story of true freedom, claiming your soulful dreams! It is your birthright to access the magic of the Tarot and you are ready to fully embody the Holistic Heart Tarot Healing Method. 
Together, with the support of the Tarot, we will focus on creating space in your life that will honour the multifaceted divine being that you were born to be, so you can show up as your most radiant, authentic self. So you can trust your intuition to bring you into alignment with your soul aligned life & business, all without getting stuck in your old stories, once and for all! 
Together, with the support of the Tarot, we will create new empowering stories of truth and abundance that will truly shape your destiny. 
Each session we will be clearing layers within your deep healing experience, this will allow you to feel free to move forward the way you truly desire.
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Holistic Heart Tarot Certification Investment

Wednesday, July 3 - Wednesday, December 18, 2024 from 4:00-6:00pm PST / 7:00-9:00pm EST

Group Mentorship:
  • 16 x¬†2 hour sessions that¬†combine Tarot Teachings, Akashic Record Healing, Intuitive Guidance & Sacred Space Holding.¬†¬†
  • Custom resources for each session that include journal prompts, meditations, embodiment practices and more.
  • Voxer Group Chat Mentorship¬†
  • Bonus materials: mediations, yoga classes, journaling exercises and more.¬†
Certification Pathway:
  • Practicum to be completed with clients during the pathway / within 6 months of the certification pathway completing
  • Final Exam to be completed after the practicum is complete¬†
  • 2, 30 minute 1:1 Tarot Mentorship / Akashic Record Healing Sessions to support your individual healing & expansion

Total: $7,770.00 CAD

Payment Options:
  • 6 Monthly Payments: $1,295.00 CAD/month¬†
  • 12 Month Payment Plan:¬†$744.63 CAD/month*¬†
  • 15 Month Payment Plan:¬†$595.70 CAD/month*¬†
  • Payment Plans Available Upon Request
  • There is 1 Full Scholarship Available - click here to apply.¬†

*15% interest on payment plans - Total: $8,935.50 CAD

Monthly Payments

6 Monthly Payments of $1,295.00 CAD
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12 Month Payment Plan 

12 Monthly Payments of $744.63 CAD 
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15 Month Payment Plan

15 Monthly Payments of $595.70 CAD
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ūü¶č¬†You are worthy of receiving everything and MORE that you desire in your life - including more abundance, healthier and happier relationships, greater expression of your purpose!¬†ūü¶č
We will focus on creating space in your life that will honour you as the beautiful divine being you were born to be. Allowing you to show up as your most beautiful, radiant, authentic self. Trusting your inner compass as a guiding system to bring you into alignment in your soul aligned life and business…all without getting stuck in your old patterns and stories. 
Together we will create new empowering stories of truth and abundance that will shape your destiny as the powerful divine being YOU ARE. 
Working in the Akasha and with your Akashic Records accelerates your path!
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