Wild Witch Coven

Wednesday, February 7 - Wednesday, April 3, 2024

from 4-6pm PST / 7-9pm EST 









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I am here to WAKE UP THE WITCHES and activate the MAGIC that lives within! 
There is no better time than now, to reclaim the witch within, to stand in your sovereignty with the ultimate powers…the divine feminine, your own energetic body & your inner and outer magic. 
I am here to guide and support you in reclaiming ALL parts of yourself - the witch wound that is within us all, the parts that have been wounded from past trauma, the parts of your soul that have fluttered away from feeling as though the disconnection from your soul was easier, because for so long it was. 
But not anymore. Because you know your soul is your guiding force. Because, you know, that you are not here to play small. You are not here to dim your shine to make others feel more comfortable. You are not here to fit into society's label of what you "should" be. 
You are here to RECLAIM all parts of ourselves. Body, mind & your witchy soul. 
So if you're ready for this deep reclamation, this type of soulful healing, that allows you to feel internally safe within your beautiful skin, I am here to guide you. I am here to support you. I am here to hold your hand and walk alongside, as your sister, as your guide, as your witchy leader.
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Amelie, Artist & Fashion Blogger
"I’m very thankful to have been part of the Wild Witch Coven and to have been surrounded by the energy of other wonderful witches for several weeks. What I loved most about this program was that I learned concrete spiritual practices that I can easily integrate into my daily life in order to feel more connected to myself."
The Wild Witch Coven is your witchy guide in...


Learning how to be an ethical witch 

Learning how to protect your energy 

Being able to read your own energy and the energy of others

Connecting with your witchy roots - ancestrally and from past lives 

Living in alignment with the Sabbats

Spellcasting & living in alignment with the Moon

Working with the power of the Elements

Boosting your clairvoyant skills

Working with the healing powers of nature

Using the power of your energetic body to manifest abundance 


Let's do this!
Fadiya, Photographer & Marketing Specialist
"I was super impressed by everything I learned about what it means to be in a witchy coven. It was magical, it was moody, it was everything I hoped for and much more… by the end of it I felt a part of a community and more empowered in my everyday life. Being a witch doesn’t mean your skin is green or you will be wearing pointy hats and all black. Being a witch means you are empowered by your own magical beauty. You are inspired by the earth, by people around you, by animals and even when you step into the kitchen! It’s so much more than what most people think it is and you’ll just have to join the next coven to see what I’m talking about!" 

The Wild Witch Coven is for you if...

You want to heal your witch wound 
You want to heal your sisterhood wound 
You’re ready to step into your divine feminine power 
You’re ready to deepen your connection with your intuition 
You’re going through a spiritual awakening
You’re ready to step into your next level of soul ascension 
You know that you were a witch in another lifetime and want to activate these powers in your current lifetime 
You trust that you’re part of the rise of the divine feminine on the planet and want to contribute to healing yourself and those around you 
You are a solo witch and looking for a coven 
You have healing abilities and want to deepen your connection to them
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J, Eclectic Witch, Tarotist & Poet
"Wild Witch Coven is the experience you’re looking for if you want a wide perspective on magick and witchcraft in general. Step by step you will be taken on a fascinating journey into the history of our craft, ways to practice, crafting tools and enchantments that most every witch finds useful to use in your everyday life. I was deeply fulfilled by my time in this coven; trust that it comes highly recommended."

Our time together


The Wild Witch Coven is a sacred 9 week container that allows you to connect with your inner wisdom, stand in your sovereignty and reclaim your inner witch! We connect with the power from within, along with the cosmos, elements, and nature to activate the magic that is always available to us. 


Through learning how to be an ethical witch; following the witches calendar; journeying through the Akasha and your Akashic Records; embracing your inner cosmic, elemental, green and kitchen witch; you will be able to heal on a soul level. The Wild Witch Coven is designed to support you in ascending to your next level on your soul's journey, while staying rooted within your body. 


We are all witches in our own right because being a witch isn’t about what you do but who you are, in your soul. You are a witch because you are aligned with the Earth, reminding you that you’re a natural healer. All of the teachings, rituals and practices that are taught will feel like deep rememberings to your soul, because your soul has felt and lived them before. Just wait and see. 


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Erica, Lawyer & Mediation Specialist
"I was a relatively “beginner witch” when I entered the Coven. WWC taught me tons about a variety of topics including moon phases, the wheel of the year, spell casting, goddesses, and many rituals! Hannah helped us delve into the teachings in a way that was enjoyable and easy to follow. I would recommend WWC to anyone who has an open heart and feels curious about getting in touch with their witchy side!"

Wild Witch Coven Investment

Wednesday, February 7/24 - Wednesday, April 3/24, 4-6pm PST / 7-9pm EST

Investment Includes:
Bonus Workshops:
  • The Magic of Runes with AJ

Program Total: $699.00 CAD*

 Payment Options:

  • Pay in full = $699.00* 
  • 2 monthly payments = $349.50*  
  • 3 monthly payments = $233.00* 
  • Custom payment plans available upon request

*Promo pricing on until December 31/24 - saving you $200. Early bird pricing of $799 begins on January 1/24 and goes until January 15/24. Regular pricing of $899 begins February 1/24. 


Please note: To keep this experience intimate, there are only 9 Witches in the Coven at a time. As well as, this container is open to all who identify as a witch regardless of gender.  

I’m ready!

$699.00 CAD

Pay in Full


$349.50 CAD

2 Monthly Payments


$233.00 CAD

3 Monthly Payments


I have been identifying as a witch since I was a child. I am a witch and I have been a witch, in this lifetime and in the past. But it has taken me a long time to come back to this truth and feel comfortable to reclaim the witch that lives within. And so many out there feel as if they cannot reclaim their witchy-ness being because society has shamed them for their intuitive abilities and magical gifts for so long. We are here to heal and release the shame so we can replace it with MAGIC. And if you ask me, anything done with intention is magic. 

Getting to know myself as a witch has been one of the most healing practices of my spiritual journey thus far. I am a Divinely connected Witch. As I mentioned, I have been connected to the Divine, the Spirit Realm, reading energy, since I was a little. This has only gotten more potent with age, as I have continuously devoted my practices and rituals as a Witch. 

I felt the soul call to create the Wild Witch Coven right before I had life saving liver resection surgery in October of 2021. Being faced with mortality not only awakened something from deep within, it pushed me to CLAIM my witchy powers so I could be where I am today, ready to share them all with you. Since recovery, from October 2021 onwards, I dedicated my energy to investing even deeper in my divination practices - I became a Certified Moonologer through a certification program with Yasmin Boland; did a month long Witchcraft series with Sharon Ramel; became a Certified Advanced Akashic Guide & Healer through the Akashic Women's School; completed my Reiki I, II & Master Level Certifications with Melissa Crowhurst; created new moon rituals; conducted my own ancestral healing ceremonies for processing grief and so much more. 


And now I am ready to share it all with you…

Jeneil, Inner Child Healer & Healing & Travel Blogger
"The fellowship aspect of the coven and meeting together as women+ and non-binary identified folk felt incredible to me, especially when I learned that such meetings were illegal without the presence of a priest or ordained man in centuries past. It felt so empowering and freeing to meet with this group, thereby starting to heal the collective witch wound, sister wound and mother wound. I loved knowing that I was in a safe space where I could freely identify as a witch and learn what that meant and what I could do with these teachings, guided by the grounded and powerful Hannah!"