Embodying the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success through a Somatic Lens

Jul 06, 2022

I recently read Deepak Chopra's book the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and it awakened something in me. Something that was lying dormant in my soul. Like the kundalini shakti energy rising from my root to my crown, I felt the truth of this activation deep within.

As I took the time to read and integrate these spiritual laws, I started to realize that I have been doing this from a lens of somatic healing, embodying these truths in my everyday for the past decade.

These spiritual laws are a part of us and a part of nature, after all, we are nature. But what I found to be lacking was the embodiment from a somatic lens.

Somatic healing, if you are unfamiliar, incorporates the body, mind and soul. This type of healing has been transformative for me as someone who is recovering from living with PTSD for the last 2 decades. My journey with somatic healing started in my early twenties when I realized that traditional talk therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy wasn't working for me.

Almost a decade later, I am now a trauma informed somatic healer, having done multiple trainings and certifications to be qualified to lead others through this very powerful and transformative type of healing.

If you are ready to take this type of embodiment of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success to the next level then my 1:1 Halcyon Healing Program is EXACTLY what you are looking for!

Divinely yours,


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