I am a Published Author, Akashic Record Guide, Spiritual Mentor & Teacher, Trauma Informed Healer, and Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula-in-training, helping individuals connect with their energetic womb spaces to heal trauma and energy blockages.

I have been on a deep spiritual healing journey since I stopped drinking alcohol on January 1, 2019. This journey reminded me of my connection to the Divine energies all around us, as well as within. I have a child-like spirit and an old soul, which allows me to see through a variety of lenses!

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When you work with me, you come into states of radical health 👇🏽✨️

🌷 The trauma, wounds, pain, conflict that used to once plague your heart & soul, no longer weigh you down or hold you back. You’re able to reclaim your sovereignty and hold the next level of your vision for your sacred soul work.

🦋 Your Spiritual Coven is revealed and you’re able to commune with your ancestors, guides, angels, starseed lineages and more with ease. They are your allies and you are able to co-create with them on your side.

🌙 You’re able to find your prosperity within your pain. Your soul purpose is revealed to you in a way that feels intrinsically connected to your soul dna. You’re able to change the world with your presence alone because you’re deeply rooted and anchored in your divine essence.

🔥 Creativity is something that oozes out of you as you come back into harmony with the creative aspects of your being, seeing yourself as an artist, visionary, and creatrix.

🎀 The chronic states of dis-ease that used to keep you sick, in lack and gridlocked, have been tended to and healed so that you’re now expanding on a cellular soul level, this work rewires your dna.

🕯 You’re able to reclaim intimacy with yourself and others and be seen in your vulnerability in ways you never thought were possible.

Akashic Record Healing

The Akashic Records exist within the expansive, limitless healing field of the Akasha, and contains all memories, and choices (both positive and negative) that the soul has made along its soul path, during this incarnation and previous ones. It holds the true original blueprint of the soul and the divine feminine

When you work within the Akashic Records you have access to the new choices, and future possibilities that are most aligned to the highest purpose of the soul within this lifetime.

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Embodied Manifestation

You've been taught that your intuition lives in your mind, but it lives in your womb...

It is time to manifest intentionally, using the power of your menstrual cycle / your inner seasons, the phases of the moon and the powers of your energetic womb space. 

This 9 week Group Healing Program is designed to help you feel empowered, in tune, in connection, safe, supported, healed, loved, unashamed, unapologetic, and free in your body.  

Join us for the next cohort, beginning Saturday, October 5, 2024... 

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Akashic Wisdom Program

A 5-week Group Mentorship to support you in unlocking the secrets of your soul...

The Akashic Wisdom Program is a soul-level healing pathway woven with new paradigm feminine empowerment & divine living teachings, with a simplified system to read & clear your own soul level Akashic Record so you can shift once and for all deeply rooted subconscious, cellular, somatic & karmic patterns getting int he way of creating the true change you desire.

Join us for the next cohort, beginning Thursday, September 5, 2024...

Learn to Read Your Own Akashic Records

Holistic Heart Tarot Certification

The Tarot is an ancient healing tool that has been used for millennia. Holistic Heart Tarot is a blend of traditional symbolism that is depicted in the Rider-Waite Tarot and a holistic approach to working with the cards. We allow each reading, and each card, to support us in assessing and healing us in every capacity - emotional, mental, physical & spiritual.


YOU are the pathway. Your Heart is the pathway. 

And I am your guide & teacher. 


So Divine Being, I ask, are you ready to awaken to your Holistic Heart and initiate others further into their sacred soul path through the Holistic Heart Tarot Healing Method? 


Opening Ceremony is on Wednesday, September 4, 2024 and you can join for as little as $277.75/month for 12 months!  

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Entering The Divine, One Breath at a Time

Hannah Stinson has seen it far too often, people giving up on their healing.

They’ve lost themselves to self-sabotage, unworthiness, and past traumas. 

In Entering the Divine, One Breath at a Time, Hannah dives into her hidden traumas, alcohol addiction, and life with multiple chronic diseases to leave you with one message; be an active participant in your healing journey. This book will guide you to practice forgiveness, love, and compassion to reconnect with your soul self.


"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind." - Caroline Myss

Let me help you quiet your mind, so the sweet whispers of your soul can shine through. You are worthy of living a soul-led life.



Addictions Counselling

Advanced Akashic Record Guide

Akashic Wisdom Teacher Training

Chakra Balancing 

Focus Centered Art Therapy 

General Counselling 

PTSD Counselling 

Spiritual Life Coaching

Therapeutic Art Life Coaching



Bachelor of Design

From Toronto Metropolitan University


Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse 

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention 

CPA and First Aid

Continuing education:

Trained in Somatic Trauma Healing

Training to be an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula 



Atelier 2020 & Fempire Mastermind 2020 with Danielle Barich 

Rich Babe Academy 2020 with Kathrin Zenkina 






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