Healing with Hannah

Healing with Hannah is here to help guide you on your spiritual self-care and healing journey. The Healing with Hannah pillars are built on staying grounded and obtaining wisdom from the Divine Mother’s steady pulse. When we’re grounded, no matter what our environment, we grow. Hannah is here to help you grow into the best version of yourself!

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Hello Divine Being,

 I am a Feminine Healer, Spiritual Reader and Green Witch, helping womxn connect with their magic and soul selves to heal trauma and energy blockages. 

 I believe holistic modalities are an imperative part of healing, stemming from my own personal experience. I am a chronic disease / pain warrior, and my healing journey is never ending, just like all of yours. After years of fighting my own body, struggling to survive through my cycles of healing, and ultimately self-sabotaging until I didn't know any other lifestyle; I was finally able to answer the sweet whispers of intuition. It didn't happen overnight but now communicating with my soul-self is as organic as inhaling and exhaling.

 I started this business with the simple philosophy, to help individuals become active participants in their own healing journeys. I have found an abundance of inner-peace and self-love through my own practices, some of which include, Breath-work, Chakra Healing, Oracle & Tarot Card Reading, Meditation, EFT / Tapping, Sound Bowl Healing, Therapeutic Art, Trauma Informed Healing, Writing & Yoga. And I am ready to share them all with YOU! 




1:1 Feminine Healing

Through this 16 week Feminine Healing program we will take a deep dive into your healing journey. My feminine healing program brings spirituality, love, compassion, trauma healing, and feminine essence into your daily life so you can take steps towards healing everyday. As a Feminine Healer I guide and support you as you navigate the world of feminine energy, spirituality and reconnecting with your soul self.

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Card Reading

Allow yourself to be guided into your own inner landscape with the support of Hannah’s Card Reading. Our minds like to protect us from our inner gut feelings because those feelings aren’t always welcomed. Hannah’s Card Reading can help you understand those feelings without judgment. So when you leave, your mind is calm, your heart is full and you have a better understanding of how to cater to your soul self.

Invest in Your Soul Self

Energy Reading

An energy reading is the perfect dose of chakra balancing, releasing of stuck or stagnant energy and spiritual guidance. To encourage a safe environment for your reading, and with your permission, Hannah connects with your spiritual energy through meditation. She helps you understand and work to heal your energy body through chakra balancing and releasing energy stored in the body through focusing.

Invest in Your Energetic Self

"I had a session with Hannah before the launch of my program and it was exactly what I needed. Her energy is incredible and my mind was so calm after my session with her - the anxiety and stress of the launch were gone! The cards that she picked were exactly the message I needed to hear and she was able to ground me with her message and energy."

Ximena C.
Manifestation & Well Being Coach


Hannah runs a variety of virtual ceremonies, workshops, yoga classes and more through Eventbrite! Some of which include: New Moon Ceremonies, Witchy Workshops, Yoga Classes and more!




General Counselling Addictions Counselling 

PTSD Counselling 

Chakra Balancing 

Spiritual Life Coaching

Therapeutic Art Life Coaching

Focus Centered Art Therapy


Bachelor of Design

From University X


Working with Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse 

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention 

CPA and First Aid

Continuing education:

Trained in Trauma Healing

Currently completing a course in Womb Sciences & Integration 

Currently completing a course in Medical Intuition


Atelier 2020 & Fempire Mastermind 2020 with Danielle Barich 

Rich Babe Academy 2020 with Kathrin Zenkina 

Light Leader Mastermind 2021 with Gabby Ortega (currently completing)

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind." - Caroline Myss

Let me help you quiet your mind, so the sweet whispers of your soul can shine through. You are worthy of living a soul-led life.

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