Embodied Manifestation

Group Healing Program

Manifest intentionally using the power of your menstrual cycle, the phases of the moon and your cyclical nature. Allowing you to feel in alignment with the magic of your body!

Thursday, April 20 - Thursday, May 11, 2023

from 4-6pm PST / 7-9pm EST









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The sacred key to manifestation is through Embodiment. Using your body’s innate wisdom is the portal to alignment and wholeness.



Let us teach you what you never learned in school...

Embodied Manifestation will help you with... 


Feeling safe to feel pain in your body - we gotta feel it to heal it!

Healing ancestral and generational trauma - we are the familial disrupters, the cycle breakers!

Body acceptance - meeting yourself where you're at no matter your age, size, weight, etc. and hopefully falling back in love with your body. 

Feeling empowered and educated, while connecting to your bodies natural cycles. 

Honouring your sacred rage and feeling safe to do so. 

 Learning how you can align your life and business with the moon phases. 

Connect deeper with your innate intuitive knowing by understanding your inner seasons. 

Letting go of societal conditioning around menstruation. 

Leaning into the abundance of your body using the portal of your womb and the moon phases.  

Reconnecting to your divine power so you can be an active participant in your healing journey. 


I'm in!
“Embodied Manifestation was so fun, informative & nourishing for my body & soul. Really learning how to move according to where I’m at in my cycle has been beneficial as I build my business. Allowing my body to express itself through embodied movement has been great for my continued expansion!”


- Nadia, Therapist & Mentor  

To be embodied is to learn to be fully present and comfortable in your own body.

Does this sound familiar...


 You feel shame around your body changing - both in age, size, shape and so forth. 

You feel disconnected from your body and emotions, often numbing out or escaping uncomfortable feelings. 

You don't feel safe to be vulnerable - it is hard for you to open up to others, you often find it easier to be "one of the guys".  

You often compare yourself to others and have a hard time recognizing your own beauty. 

You often find yourself being suspicious of other women or not feeling comfortable in female-led spaces. 

You feel disconnected from pleasure or unable to feel safe to experience pleasure intimately. 

You know you need to ask for help but often find excuses on why you aren't worthy of receiving help. 

You are known to seek saving in romantic relationships, unconsciously playing out familial patterns and childhood wounds.  

I'm ready!

Our time together


This 4 week Group Healing Program is designed to help you feel empowered, in tune, in connection, safe, supported, healed, loved, unashamed, unapologetic, and free in your body.
Allowing you to feel in alignment with the magic of your body as a form of manifestation. 
 Own your body, own your energy and own your life!


Embodied Manifestation empowers us to live our lives on our terms, dancing to the beat of our own drums. When we are in alignment with the magic of our bodies, we are able to follow our innate sense of timing and intuitive knowing in harmony with nature, rather than the conditioning that has been placed on us by societal constructs. The more we can connect with the power of our menstrual cycles, the phases of the moon and our inner seasons, the more momentum we have to manifest intentionally, from within. 
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Your Embodied Manifestation Investment

Thursday, April 20 - Thursday, May 11, 2023 from 4-6pm PST / 7-9pm EST

Group Healing:
  • 4 x 2-hour sessions that combine Akashic Record Healing, Embodied Flow, Art Journaling, Intuitive Guidance & Sacred Space Holding.  
  • Pre-Recorded education on the topics of Spirituality, Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Somatics, Astrology, Embodiment and Mindfulness.
  • Practical exercises to take home and align with after each session.
  • Voxer Group Chat Mentorship 
  • Bonus materials: mediations, yoga classes, journaling exercises and more. 

Total: $459.00 CAD

Payment Options:
  • Pay in Full: $459.00 and receive a signed copy of Hannah's book, Entering the Divine, One Breath at a Time. 
  • 2 Payments: $229.50 
  • 3 Payments: $153.00 
  • 2 Full Scholarships Available - click here to apply. 
  • Payment Plans Available Upon Request
Feel empowered in your own body!

Pay in Full

One time payment of $459.00 CAD
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2 Payments

2 Monthly Payments of $229.50 CAD 
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3 Payments

3 Monthly Payments of $153.00 CAD
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 “Hannah and Jo are incredible healers and facilitators! I have learned so much about feminine embodiment, I have a deeper appreciation for my body and its magical abilities. As someone who suffers from a chronic illness, they made me feel safe, healed and supported. Thank you for providing the tools to support my healing journey!”


- Krista, Intuitive Guide & Reiki Master 
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“I had such a lovely time being a part of Embodied Manifestation. I found myself incorporating more movement into my days after a session, and that’s really important when you’re disabled like me. Hannah and Jo were strong class leaders and brought so much love and experience to the sessions; I was appreciative of all they brought to help us learn new ways of living and being.”
- J, Eclectic Witch, Tarot Artist & Poet 

 Meet Your Guides 

Hannah Stinson: Divine Somatic Healer, Spiritual Life Coach & Published Author 

Hannah is a Published Author, Divine Somatic Healer, Spiritual Life Coach & Yoga Teacher, helping individuals connect with their inner-child and soul selves to heal trauma and energy blockages.

Hannah has been on a deep spiritual healing journey since they got sober on January 1, 2019. This journey reminded Hannah of their connection to the Divine energies all around us, as well as within. Hannah has a child-like spirit and an old soul, which allows them to see through a variety of lenses!

Hannah is the founder of Healing with Hannah and the author of Entering the Divine, One Breath at a Time, an exploration of healing through sobriety and spirituality. Hannah believes holistic modalities are an imperative part of healing, stemming from her own personal experience with chronic illness and past trauma. Hannah guides and supports individuals on their healing journeys through Breath-work, Coaching, Chakra Balancing, Counselling, Divination Practices, Meditation, Somatic Resourcing, Sound Bowl Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Therapeutic Art, Trauma Informed Healing, Vagus Nerve Regulation & Yoga. 

Hannah helps you dive deep into your healing journey by guiding & supporting in learning to connect with your inner-child & soul-self again, healing trauma and energy blockages, all the while blooming into the full expression of who you are.

Jo Lean: Emotional Wellness Guide, Transformational Experience Designer &  Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator

Jo Lean is an Emotional Wellness Guide, Transformational Experience Designer and Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator.

An Award Winning Corporate Event Planner who turned her life around after a devastating demotion.

She realized she was living a life of burnout, disease, stress, unhappiness and not honouring her true self.  She found herself when she stopped running away or numbing her emotions.

It was through deep inner healing that she was able to leave a toxic corporate work environment, use the wisdom of her body to live and thrive with chronic illness, find true joy and confidence within herself, manifest an amazing partner and step into an empowered wellness facilitator and entrepreneur.

She helps individuals connect, understand and transform their emotions, release  and detox limiting beliefs and negative patterns to live a life of joy, strength, inner freedom and activate the light within.

LoveSelf Wellness helps beautiful souls through mind, body and soul wellness modalities both in virtual classes and workshops and in person circles and inspiring Networking Brunches.

With a focus of moving stagnant energy through Chakra balancing, Flow mindfulness workshops, Emotional Healing, and infrared sauna detox sessions.  A place to detox what is no longer serving and to call in light, healing and a new way of living- fully aligned and free.