Embodied Manifestation

Group Healing Program


You’ve been taught that to MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES you need to ACT AS IF….
How do you ACT AS IF, you are not following the wisdom of your womb?


It is time to manifest intentionally, using the power of your menstrual cycle / your inner seasons, the phases of the moon and the powers of your energetic womb space.

This is the path to living in alignment and embodying your EMPOWERED SELF!  

Saturday, October 5 - Saturday, November 30 2024

from 9:00-11:00am MST / 11:00am-1:00pm EST

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, this 9 week group healing program is for those who identify as women and non-binary folk. If you are unsure if this program is for you, please reach out by clicking here

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The Sacred Key to Manifestation is through your own UNIQUE ENERGETIC BLUEPRINT. Your body holds innate wisdom as the secret portal to calling in your deepest desires.



Let us guide and empower you through the wisdom of your womb to:


✔ Feel enough in your body

 Let go of the 24/7 hustle & grind culture

 Lean into tapping into clarity and your intuitive abilities 

✔ Have more fun in life and luxuriate in JOY 

✔ Honouring your sacred rage and feeling safe to do so 

✔ Build and run a business like a BOSS without burning out

✔ Connect with the wisdom of your ancestors & spirit team with more ease 

✔ Heal the wounded feminine (mother wound, inner child / teenage healing) 


I'm in!
“Embodied Manifestation was so fun, informative & nourishing for my body & soul. Really learning how to move according to where I’m at in my cycle has been beneficial as I build my business. Allowing my body to express itself through embodied movement has been great for my continued expansion!”


- Nadia, Therapist & Mentor  
Does this sound familiar...


🌹 You feel GUILT and SHAME when you can’t be as productive as the world tells you, you should be.

🌹 You have a hard time resting, and giving yourself permission to BE instead of DO.

🌹 You overbook yourself with work, family or social commitments and have to cancel last minute. 

🌹 You feel overwhelmed to say no to everyone else and yes to yourself.  

🌹 You get anxiety with uncertainty and the unknown and always looking for a solution. 

🌹 It’s hard for you to ask for support and receive help.

🌹 You feel shame around your body changing - both in age, size, shape and so forth and are resisting change of your natural cycles (perimenopause and menopause.)

🌹 You have been told you are too much and don’t use the power of your voice to express your wants, visions and boundaries. 

🌹 You have a tendency to self-sacrifice and put the needs of others in front of your own and play the martyr.

🌹 Your Inner Critic can be outright rude and cause you to lean into a scarcity mindset and old patterns of victimhood. 


I'm ready!

To be embodied is to learn to be fully present and comfortable in your own body.

Embodied Manifestation will help you with…


💖 Healing the disconnection from the innate intelligence of our bodies.
💖 Healing the layers of the wounded feminine energy that lives within the collective pain bodies of our society 
💖 Healing ancestral and generational trauma - we are the familial disrupters, the cycle breakers!
💖 Healing the over-productivity and burnout paradigm and learning the different techniques to rest and receive.
💖 Healing shame around your body and menstrual cycle (Period shame is real!)
💖 Healing the internal prison we live in and setting us free to be embodied.
“Healing from the level of the womb is what allows us to take back our power and autonomy. I have personally seen the benefits from aligning my life to my cycle and becoming an Embodied Manifestor, the biggest shift being in relation to my chronic illnesses. I have been able to take back my autonomy and am no longer held back by my endometriosis and am now in full remission from my liver disease. I am living proof that this work can change your life and allow you to THRIVE no matter what.” 
- Hannah Stinson, Co-Facilitator & Co-Creator of Embodied Manifestation.   
💖 Discovering the best phase to set intentions, plant seeds, vision your desires, get clarity and be a magnet for receiving.
💖 Practical Spiritual, Somatic and Creative practices to expand your energy to receive abundance and opportunities.
💖 Using your own energy as your sacred portal to materializing your visions into your reality.
💖 Amplifying your connection with creation energy and aligning with your purpose.
💖 Being an open channel for ancestral wisdom, spiritual connection and downloads from the Divine.
💖 Trusting you are being guided and on the right path when you lean into release and surrender energy.


Integrating my inner seasons and menstrual cycle into my manifestation practices, has expanded my magnetic energy, and capacity to receive opportunities and abundance with more ease. I am no longer forcing, but flowing with each cycle and the spiritual connection I have with my womb as the centre of my creation is more powerful than ever before. Last year my career opportunities and income quadrupled, because I was fully honouring my natural rhythms, and manifesting accordingly. For me being an Embodied Manifester gives me a deeper understanding of myself, my energy and a greater sense of control of my life and business.
- Jo Lean, Co-Facilitator & Co-Creator of Embodied Manifestation.


PLEASE NOTE: At this time, this 9 week group healing program is for those who identify as women and non-binary folk. If you are unsure if this program is for you, please reach out by clicking here

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“I joined the embodied manifestation community because I wanted to live in harmony with my inner seasons and my body/mind/spirit. This was a safe space for me to embody being: authentic, emotional, and intuitive. The teachings and creative prompts combined, allowed for me to access my ancestral wisdom, and feel more comfortable using tools in my everyday life when things get overwhelming. If you are seeking transformative emotional support, creative embodiment practices, and teachings to honour your cycle as a woman or gender fluid person- I highly recommend it.”


- Fae, Psychic & Healer

Your Embodied Manifestation Investment

Saturday, October 5 - Saturday, November 30, 2024 from 9:00-11:00am MST / 11:00am-1:00pm EST

Group Healing:
  • 9 x 2 hour sessions that combine Akashic Record Healing, Dancing Mindfulness, Art Journaling, Spiritual Life Coaching, Intuitive Guidance & Sacred Space Holding.  
  • Pre-Recorded education on the topics of Spirituality, Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Somatics, Astrology, Rest & Productivity Embodiment and Mindfulness.
  • Practical exercises to take home and align with after each session.
  • Voxer Group Chat Mentorship, including Numerology & Astrological Updates to align your energy with the cosmos.
  • 1 Integration Week to support the embodiment of the teachings, lessons and reflections of the program.
  • Bonus materials: mediations, yoga classes, journaling exercises and more. 

Tiered Pricing System:

🌑 New Moon Investment - $799.00 CAD total

🌓 Half Moon Investment - $999.00 CAD total

🌕 Full Moon Investment - $1,199.00 CAD total 

Tiered Pricing System Breakdown:
  • New Moon Investment includes everything in the group healing program - limited availability at this investment, first come first serve. 
  • Half Moon Investment includes everything in the group healing program 
  • Full Moon Investment includes everything in the group healing program PLUS a 1:1 Akashic Healing Session with Hannah & Life Path Numerology Reading with Jo 
  • Full Scholarship Application - click here to apply for the Fall 2024 Cohort - 2 full scholarships and 1, 50% off scholarship available 
  • Custom Payment Plans Available Upon Request - click here to discuss more. 


Unlearn all the conditioning of the Patriarchy and systems of oppression and come back home to yourself and your Divine Feminine Empowerment to awaken your creative potential in every aspect of your life.

New Moon: Pay in Full

One time payment of $799.00 CAD
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Half Moon: Pay in Full

One time payment of $999.00 CAD 
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Full Moon: Pay in Full

One time payment of $1,199.00 CAD
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New Moon: 2 Payments

2 monthly payment of $399.50 CAD
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Half Moon: 2 Payments

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Full Moon: 2 Payments

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 “Hannah and Jo are incredible healers and facilitators! I have learned so much about feminine embodiment, I have a deeper appreciation for my body and its magical abilities. As someone who suffers from a chronic illness, they made me feel safe, healed and supported. Thank you for providing the tools to support my healing journey!”


- Krista, Intuitive Guide & Reiki Master 
Embody the 3 R’s on your healing and manifesting journey


🦋 REST 🦋
When you give yourself permission to slow down, be present and in stillness, that's when "You wake up to the wisdom within YOU".
Take back your power and come home to yourself through ancient teachings of the Sacred Feminine by using your voice, tapping into your intuition and leading with strength.
Be open to receiving all of your desires, and having the capacity to hold it, keep it and circulate it's wealth & goodness to the world.  


Remember, you are not a machine working at the same pace 24/ 365 days a year. Aligning to your sacred cycles allows you to have a voice and lead your life through your soul and your womb’s wisdom (in real time.) 
I'm ready!
In these 9 weeks together...


🌹 You will learn to integrate and embody how to live, work and be in relationships on your terms dancing to the beat of your own drum.

🌹 You’ll feel more connected with the magic of your womb and shedding layers of shame or guilt that has been placed on you by society, the patriarchy or your family.

🌹 You will live in harmony with your body instead of feeling like a prisoner of it.

🌹 You will be in a sacred community, connecting learning from sharing, and holding the vision together of reclaiming both your magic and power.

🌹 You will journey and be guided to heal energetics blocks that you have been carrying for so long, releasing guilt and shame.

🌹 You will learn how to be a magnet to your desires through your own energy and through the powers of resting and receiving.

🌹 You will learn how to develop a habit of Presents and Embody being versus doing.

🌹 You will learn to hold the tension of life’s challenges and where you are in your sacred cycle and be able to navigate with more ease

I'm ready!
“I had such a lovely time being a part of Embodied Manifestation. I found myself incorporating more movement into my days after a session, and that’s really important when you’re disabled like me. Hannah and Jo were strong class leaders and brought so much love and experience to the sessions; I was appreciative of all they brought to help us learn new ways of living and being.”
- J, Eclectic Witch, Tarot Artist & Poet 

 Meet Your Guides 

Hannah Stinson: Akashic Record Guide, Soul Doula, Womb Healer & Published Author 

Hannah is a Published Author, Akashic Record Guide, Soul Doula, Womb Healer, and Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula-in-training, helping individuals connect with their energetic womb spaces to heal trauma and energy blockages.

Hannah has been on a deep spiritual healing journey since they stopped drinking alcohol on January 1, 2019. This journey reminded Hannah of their connection to the Divine energies all around us, as well as within. Hannah has a child-like spirit and an old soul, which allows them to see through a variety of lenses!

As a Womb Healer, Hannah has taken all of what they've learned through their courses, certifications and trainings. Along with their own lived experience with healing endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, chronic pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, painful intercourse, chronic fatigue, sexual trauma and more; in to the work they do with their clients so they can meet their clients' specific needs. Helping them heal lifetimes of blocks, both from this life, past lives and ancestrally. 

Hannah has helped her clients with healing their infertility, chronic illness / disease, the root of their trauma, emotional disturbance, energetic blocks, relationships with themselves / others, sexuality and sensuality, relationship with their bodies and cycles – periods, menopause and inner seasons, to name a few.

 Hannah is the founder of Healing with Hannah and the author of Entering the Divine, One Breath at a Time, an exploration of healing through sobriety and spirituality. 

Jo Lean: Creative Healer, Breath-work & Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator and Sacred Space Holder

Jo Lean is a Dancing Mindfulness and Breathwork Facilitator, Positive Psychology Practitioner and Creative Healer. She helps Beautiful Souls on their journey to awaken their Divine Feminine essence, releasing energy that no longer serves them, expressing their true gifts and embodying their creativity and authenticity.

Jo began her healing and spiritual journey in 2017 after a devastating demotion as she worked in the finance industry. It was the start to remembering her soul’s true purpose and path and healing a lifetime of self-loathing, sexual trauma, feelings of not enoughness, escapism through alcohol and constantly trying to fill the void within. 

Since 2017, she has reconnected with her truest self and has healed layers of chronic illness, sexual trauma, and has tapped into the powers of her body to ignite the creative, expressive, joyful, and playful being within. She manifested her soulmate (after years of being desperately single,) quit her toxic job, became sober, and took the leap of faith into building a creative healing business.

In 2020, LoveSelf Wellness emerged as a beacon of hope and harmony for Jo's community. Guided by Jo's expertise, her clients find emotional balance, embrace sacred rest, and unlock the gates to self-expression and creativity. Jo's compassionate guidance liberates stagnant energy held within the body, infusing her clients with renewed energy, freedom, and happiness, enabling them to flow with love, abundance, and passion for life.