Empowered Mystic

Akashic Mentorship 

3 month investment 
Accepting clients for August / September 2023

Calling all Mystics, Healers, Sages, Psychics, Channelers, Holistic Practitioners, Witches…


I'm in!
Are you feeling called to step more fully into your soul’s path? 
This is your opportunity to transform your entire life through energetic support, soul level healing and personal guidance for your sacred soul emergence. 
You are evolving and feeling the call to do deep healing work, increase the abundance in your life, and be an authentic and ethical leader. This journey isn’t meant to be walked alone. This is where my mentorship and empowerment work can support you as you evolve. 
I am here to guide and support you in this deep process of release, rewiring, recalibration and renewal so you can embody and BE the divine being you know you are on a soul level. Living a soul aligned life. I create a sanctuary for your soul so you can be supported in mastering your higher calling.
Count me in!!
 Is this you? 


You are ready to embrace the rebirth but you are pushing up against resistance that keeps showing up in new ways

You are ready to shift relationship dynamics 

You are ready to show up more fully in your sovereignty as you anchor into this new evolution of yourself 

You desire private mentorship that addresses the specific layers of clearing, while you soulfully align to your intentions in your life / business / creative project / relationship 

You want to shift into prosperity consciousness 

You feel like you’ve “done it all” and still aren’t getting the results you crave


That's me!
 "The growth I experienced working with Hannah is beyond words! My life has shifted majorly, I’ve been able to see patterns that were holding me back, develop a better relationship with my nervous system, see my own gifts and magic and literally see manifestations come to life in the 3 months we worked together. Hannah is so supportive and helped me on a daily basis work through challenges and reflect back to me what I needed to see. I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to do this program and I’ll definitely be continuing my work with Hannah."
- Lauren, Reiki Healer & Yoga Teacher

The divine being who is right for this mentorship program feels the intensity of the calling to uplevel their life. They desire a warm, cocoon of support to hold them as they move through their own sacred alchemy. 

This mentorship offers support with the following: 

Initiating you onto your sacred soul path 


Stepping up as a leader in your community, business, corporation, family


An energetic container of support to guide you in powerfully harnessing the energy that is present for your own rebirth 


Exploring your relationship with money and feminine power


Stepping out with higher offers as an entrepreneur - supporting with visibility, leadership and prosperity 


Personalised support in creation of your own business
I’m ready!
 "Getting to work with Hannah has been a life-changing experience. I feel so much more connected to myself, my inner wisdom, and Spirit. Consistency is key. I have so many new tools I have incorporated into my daily practice that will stay with me forever. I highly recommend Hannah's programs to anyone who wants to know themselves more deeply and step into an elevated version of themselves."
- Kelsey, Reiki Healer & Massage Therapist

The Empowered Mystic Akashic Mentorship Program Includes:



6 - 60 minute private Empowered Mystic Akashic Mentorship Sessions


During these sessions I hold space for you with personalised divine activations, channelled guidance, soul coaching, business mentorship and clearing work to support you in navigating your life, business, and sacred soul path from a place of higher self divine power.

This process unfolds with you as the leader and me as the guide - with the guided perspective of your higher self, we walk through a beautiful alchemy of transformation allowing you to feel free, powerful and prosperous. 

Everything is directed by your soulful intention, divine desires, and by your higher self through in Akashic Records. 

As a master guide who has supported hundreds of people through soul level transformations, I am here to hold you through this container and offer guidance and support as you come into the life you are being called to live. 


Unlimited email access between sessions 


Use this space to send me any questions on assigned rituals and soul support.  


Voxer support between sessions during my office hours 


Use this space to connect with me in between sessions to support you process. 

I will offer intuitive support to provide you with the guidance that is needed in the moment. 

On-going channelled access from your higher self to guide your path.


Count me in!
"Hannah has shared her incredible gifts with me and thanks to her help, my life and spiritual development are opening in some beautiful directions. She is an incredibly powerful healer, one of the most powerful I have ever encountered, and also a smart, funny, wise, and kind human being. If you think you may want to work with Hannah, get started NOW!"
- Jeneil, Inner Child Healer & Travel & Healing Blogger
So are you ready to…


Be the radiant, sovereign, authentic divine being you were born to be 

Follow and trust your intuition 

Set yourself free 

Release the past, claim your sovereignty, inner beauty and divine truth like never before 

Experience a new level of personal mastery 

Clear the path to your most beautiful life and business by healing wounds that have been holding you back

Empowered Mystic Akashic Mentorship Investment

Investment Includes:
  • Bi-Weekly 60 minute zoom calls
  • Custom Soulful Support through our Voxer Chat
  • Kajabi account with 70+ resources¬†(Journal Prompts, Meditations, Yoga Classes, Tarot Spreads & more)¬†
  • Empowered Mystic Welcome Package
  • Signed copy for my book, Entering the Divine, One Breath at a Time

Program Total: $1,950.00 CAD

Payment Options:
  • Pay in full = $1,950.00 (Pay in full and receive 50% off the Wild Witch Coven)
  • 2 payments = $975.00/month¬†
  • 3 payments = $650.00/month¬†
  • 4 payments (5% interest on payment plans) = $512.00/month¬†
  • 5 payments (5% interest on payment plans) = $409.50/month¬†¬†
  • Custom payment plans available upon request

*Accepting 3 more clients to begin in August or September 2023*

I’m ready!
 "Words fall short describing the enormity of work done. As someone who has been through years of various modalities of healing and therapy, I humbly offer this: if you want something to viscerally stick, if you are looking for a process to not only permeate every dimension, but heal it, this is the work for you. This container, held by Hannah, and guided by her, her guides, and yours, will gently and lovingly reveal areas in your life (this incarnation and previous) that need love and light and freedom. The container held and offered provides a safe space to ignite curiosity that might have been stomped out. You are not "allowed," but encouraged and celebrated as you heal and integrate the shiny parts of you that have been cut off, impoverished and dulled by life in this body. You won't recognize yourself when it's over, in the best way imaginable!"
- AJ, Holy Fire Reiki Master & Healer

The Empowered Mystic is designed to give you your spiritual core power - with heart opening healing work to support self-love - so you can be fully aligned and embodied on the next level of your sacred path. Through this Mentorship you will be held in a loving container that will give you the foundation for loving more of you, healing core wounds, as well as following your intuition into your highest path and soul calling. 


Stepping onto our sacred path can feel scary because we so often doubt our inspirations and we question our own brilliance. This is where I come in as your Akashic Guide & Soul Mentor. In order to go deeper into our healing and bring alignment to new, prosperous ways of being that support our soul evolution. And soul evolution is about partnership and receiving support to make our dreams a reality. We aren’t meant to do it alone and we shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Through the 90 day Empowered Mystic Program we will: 
  • Clear and open the channels to your intuition 
  • Align your Divine Leadership Archetypes 
  • Claim sacred space for self-connection & personal mastery 
  • Getting comfortable being visible in your authenticity, radiance and truth 
  • Create your sacred soul ritual to create alignment between all aspects of who you are, allowing you to hold a powerful centre so you can manifest intentionally from your body 
  • Heal and open Anahata, your Heart Chakra to receive the beauty of your dreams and flow into being 
  • Uncover what you really want in life and claim it as yours regardless of anyone else's opinions 
  • Receiving your value in your business / career / sacred soul path 
  • Relationship healing and clearing work to break free from old dynamics and reharmonizing family structures 
  • Clearing deep energetic blockages and energetic layers that are getting in the way of you moving forward the way you long to 
  • Create a clear soul aligned vision and intention to guide your uplevel over the next 90 days and on
  • Create a container that will allow you to access your intuition and understand how to trust it moving forward 
  • Learn how to work with soul magic and cultivate a feminine state of being that makes you a magnet for your desires 
  • Understanding that you are never on this journey alone and in this knowing, you can let go and flourish 
  • Create space in your life to move forward the way you truly desire so you feel deep fulfilment of living in harmony with your most authentic, beautiful, powerful self
  • Teach and share different divination techniques that can be used for soul support 
  • Share the healing practices of Ayurveda, Witchcraft and Yoga 
  • Spirit guided rituals and exercises to support you in loving and cherishing your sacred soul time
You are worthy of receiving everything and MORE that you desire in your life - including more abundance, healthier and happier relationships, greater expression of your purpose! 
We will focus on creating space in your life that will honour you as the beautiful divine being you were born to be. Allowing you to show up as your most beautiful, radiant, authentic self. Trusting your inner compass as a guiding system to bring you into alignment in your soul aligned life and business…all without getting stuck in your old patterns and stories. 
Together we will create new empowering stories of truth and abundance that will shape your destiny as the powerful divine being YOU ARE. 
Working with the Akashic Records accelerates your path!
I'm ready!
Hi, I'm Hannah 

I am an Akashic Guide & Healer, Published Author and Mystical Witch who is here to help shift the vibration of the planet with my soul gifts.


I recognize that we all have healing to do as I have been on a deep spiritual healing journey since I got sober on January 1, 2019. I am able to connect to the Divine energies all around us, as well as within myself and others through many different divination practices but also through channeling.


I have a child-like spirit and an old soul, which allows me to see through a variety of lenses! This benefits me and my clients because I have a vast perspective of how our healing journeys can and will unfold.

I completed my Advanced Akashic Certification through the Akashic Women's School with Tara Preston.